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    The mission of the Kentuckiana Chapter of NKBA is to promote member success, professionalism, and ethics, and to provide leadership to the kitchen and bath community in the NKBA Kentuckiana Region.

    The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) has been the premier association for kitchen and bath professional working in North America since its founding in 1963.  The Association has over 40,000 members in 11 industry segment throughout the U.S. and Canada plus over 1,500 student member.  North America is divided into eight regions with over 70 member chapter.  More thn 200 professiona development courses are sponsorsored by the NKBA each year and there are over 50 NKBA-accredited/supported collegs and universities.

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    May 13

    Designers, Contractors, and Architects: Creating Relationships and Partnerships for Referrals and Business Success

    Christopher Grubb explains how today’s industry professionals should build mutually beneficial long term relationships in order to implement an unforgettable design experience for the client